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What is NetExpress?

  • NetExpress (NetBanking Transfers) is a completely online money transfer service to India that enables you to transfer money using your local internet banking account.
  • Neither you nor your beneficiary needs to have an account with ICICI Bank.
  • All you require is a simple one-time registration process to set you off.
  • You can also send fixed rupee amounts for your fixed expenses in India.

  • Avail Fixed Rupee transfer:
    • Confirmed exchange rates as applicable at the time of transaction, on sending the funds within the Rupee Transfer Validity Date.
    • Exact rupee amount transfer to your receiver in India.
  • Competitive exchange rates.
  • Easy money transfer options:
    • Electronic transfers into any ICICI Bank account with over 2,500 branches in India.
    • Electronic transfers into accounts with over 75,000 bank branches of over 100 banks in India.
    • Electronic transfers into any ICICI Bank remittance card account in India.
    • Electronic transfers into any Resident Visa Debit Card** account issued in India.
    • Demand Drafts issued and payable at over 700 locations in India.

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